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Digimon Tamers: (24) good night

Title: (24) goodnight
Fandom: Digimon Tamers
Warnings: Uh?
Word Count: 411.
Characters: Renamon, Rika.
Notes: Written at the same time as Set of Three. Possible series. Probably not.

Summary: The fact of dreams; the stillness of sleep; the silence of night.

(24) good night

Turn off the light. That was how the night started. Renamon would comply, with a nod and a small bow, and the light would vanish, darkness seeping in like a curse.

Renamon stood silent, unseen, watching her Tamer slide into bed and go through her nightly motions. Pat her cards, check her Digivice, lay down, sit up, check her Digivice again, and finally, a stillness. Renamon's mouth quirked in the smallest of smiles.

"Renamon," Rika's voice came as a command, startling the Digimon into visibility.

"Yes, Rika."

"Have you... I mean, do you ever--" The girl's hesitance was strange, uncertain. "Do Digimon dream?"

"Dream, Rika?" came Renamon's reply, as she thought of why exactly her Tamer would be asking this. Rika, for her part, remained silent, knowing the Digimon would answer. Rika hated repeating herself. Renamon's answer didn't clarify. "I am not certain."

Rika made an unsatisfied noise at this, and waited. Renamon crossed her arms, eyes closing in thought. "We don't need sleep like you do--rest comes in waves. And when we do..." The Digimon's low voice trailed off. "I cannot say if Digimon dream. In the Digital World, I know it is unheard of. Ones that travel to the human world may be different."

There was silence, then, broken only by Rika's even breath. Renamon started to fade back out of the visible spectrum, content in her duty of watching over her Tamer. There was an intake of breath, soft as a spell, and Renamon paused.

"Do you dream, Renamon?"

Renamon peered into the darkness, but the shadows surrounded too much even for her to see through. She stared at where Rika was, trying to discern what her Tamer wanted. A moment passed, then, "...Yes, Rika."

There was another breath drawn in, but this time Rika didn't speak. The silence and space between stretched for minutes. The unsaid question wasn't asked, and gradually Rika's breath and heartbeat slowed to sleep. Only when she was sure, did Renamon move silently to Rika's side. She dared not speak--the girl would wake at a moment's notice. Instead, she effortlessly leaned down, brushing her lips against the girl's forehead. Rika frowned, turning to the side. Renamon vanished with a smile.

On the roof outside, the Digimon sat, a hand raised to her mouth.

"So what do you dream about?"

Renamon let out a soft laugh, tilting her head. "Of course you, Rika," she whispered, giving her answer to the night.
Tags: digimon tamers, ficlet, one shot
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