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Xenosaga: Salt.

Title: Salt.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 271.
Characters: Junior, mentions of others.
Notes: AU possibility.

Summary: There were two things most known for being composed of salt....

Deep within the bowels of the Durandal, under further lock and key than the Emulators themselves, lay glass and metal. A containing fluid, thick liquid, and a mix of sodium chloride. This was what was explained in simplistic details. A science and a study; a fact that those touched by Gnosis turned into them themselves.

Deep within the flagship of the Kukai Foundation there was a little girl. What had been a little girl. For reference, to keep humanity, they called her Betty. Because memory dictated that they couldn't call her the other name any more.

He still spoke to her sometimes. On days too hard to continue being Junior, he would slip away from Mary and Shelley, sneak from the 100-Series' attention, bypass security and move within. The sisters knew and remained silent, exchanged glances of violet and blue. The past rose to haunt almost effortlessly. They knew this, too. Though, true, some were more than others.

Of all the things kept within the oldest Variant, this was not mentioned to his brother. This was not touched on, ignored an instant after; from the first step out to the last step in, the boy would vanish into the Foundation director again, all smiles and reassurance. In the moments between, soft words were spoken, voice rising and falling with emotion and explanation both; a lilting measured beat. No matter the context, or subjects chosen, after he stood from sitting in front of glass, before moving past the air tight door; before taking a breath to become Junior again, Rubedo would smile, blink away something that wasn't there, and whisper to a memory.

"'Bye, Sakura. See you tomorrow."
Tags: one shot, xenosaga
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Awwwww, man, that was so sad. *huggles Rubedo forever* ;3;